Beneficent Bruins Dance the Night Away

Shanley Tag


Bruin Dance-A-Thon raises $13,239 for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

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Bruins made history in Broadneck High School’s Main Gym at 9:00pm on Friday, March 16th, 2018. Not only was it the first Bruin Dance-A-Thon at Broadneck, but the members of the Dance-A-Thon surpassed their fundraising goal of $10,000 to raise a total of $13,239 for their cause. The excitement and surprise in the air was contagious when the coordinators each raised a poster announcing the final funds raised, as senior Emily Taylor, the student coordinator who has been fundraising and planning the event for months, jumped up and down with elation.

The Bruin Dance-A-Thon was five hours of high energy. There were plenty of opportunities to dance throughout the night, especially during Dance Company’s morale dance and the “Zumba with Sherri” routines, but there were an abundance of other activities to choose from all night long. These included Music with DJ Michael K, cornhole, ping pong, and a photo station. Students could also win gift cards by entering competition-style Minute to Win It games, the hula hoop contest, and the limbo contest. Coordinators of the event also provided free food (bagels, pizza, granola bars, cookies, water bottles) and sold Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for $5, along with merchandise, $15 T-shirts to $1 bracelets.

The culminating celebration of each student’s hard work leading up to the Dance-A-Thon was well-earned. In order to simply attend, each member had to raise at least $50 for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore. Each of the 180 participants was also a member of a team, including BHS Faculty, Class of 2018, What’s Bruin Buddies, NHS, Student Athletic Leadership Council, Broadneck Girls Lacrosse, Class of 2019, Broadneck Softball, Dance Company, and Class of 2021.

One of the most impactful aspects of the night was a guest speaker from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. She read a letter from a mom of one of the kids who has been helped by JHCC, in which the mom described her son’s sudden illness, their sense of hopelessness and financial struggles, and finally how much aid and relief Johns Hopkins Children’s Center provided their family. It was a good reminder of why students were standing and celebrating for five hours at the Dance-A-Thon.

Of course, the sponsors and students behind the Bruin Dance-A-Thon are the ones who deserve credit for their hard work to bring this event together. Senior Emily Taylor was the president of the fundraising event, alongside other student co-coordinators: sophomores Delaney McKnight and Brayden Bowen, junior Gabby Wilde, and seniors Kate Leitholf and Allison Wilson, as well as faculty coordinator Mrs. Quigley. These women were able to make history at BHS, coordinate an impactful night for participants, and raise $13,239 for a deserving cause.

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