The Sound of Broadneck’s Music


Behind the scenes of the spring musical.

As February came to a close, the Broadneck High School Music Department presented The Sound of Music, and received a full crowd after a monstrous effort from its crew.

The Sound of Music is an uplifting story about the Von Trapp family during World War II in Austria. The story stars the main character, Maria, who is trying to become a nun, but since she isn’t very good at fulfilling her duties, Maria gets hired to be a governess for the Von Trapp family, where she attempts to raise seven impatient and demanding children. Georg Von Trapp, the father of the seven children, and Maria fall in love but there is one slight hiccup; Georg is called to be a part of the Nazi military since Austria has become heavily impacted by the war. This conflict disrupts the happiness found in the singing Von Trapp family, and to find out the fairytale ending, stage manager Sara McCoy said, “You [would] just have to find out at the show!”

Rehearsals for the musical were lengthy since they ran most days of the week, and extensive for those students who had several different roles. Take Sara McCoy for example. She played the role of a nun, a character named Frau Zeller, and she was a stage manager, which put a lot work on her plate just for each rehearsal. When asked about what rehearsals were like McCoy said, “Rehearsal involves a lot of playing around with different scenes and acting methods to figure out the best way to convey the message the story is trying to send.” This involves new choreography and blocking, which is learning where to stand and what scene to perform.

Another example of a multitasker in the musical is Matt Haggerty, a junior, who played the role of Kurt Von Trapp and was an assistant stage manager. Along with Sara McCoy, they made run sheets for any changes in the musical, organized all of the props, and were in charge of the transitions. Haggerty’s favorite part of the show was “how the months of hard work that everyone put in pays off” and how “in theater everyone always has a place.”

Daily rehearsals last a minimum of 3 hours during which the crew worked on the music, blocking, and choreography to make sure everyone’s scenes are working smoothly. In addition to daily rehearsals, tech week lasted from February 14th-February 21st and incorporated 6 hour rehearsals. During tech week rehearsals, the crew worked on putting everything on stage; adding lights, microphones, and transitions in between scenes.

This production is unique in its own way because of the way the crew prepares right before they go on stage. According to Matt Haggerty, before the show “the cast gets into a show circle where [they] do some breathing exercises to build focus.” Additionally, the director may make a speech to build up confidence in their cast before the show.

To see their hard work pay off, the crew is able to put on multiple shows, not just one night. The show was open to the public from February 22nd-24th and the following week on March 2nd and 3rd.

In addition to this hit musical, the upcoming production by the dramatics guild titled Much Ado About Nothing!