Bruins Work Hard for the Money


Broadneck students have joined the workforce– and they enjoy it too.

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Broadneck students have a lot to juggle between school, sports, clubs, but some have taken an additional step into the real world by taking on a part-time job. With summer approaching, more and more teens are looking for a place to work over summer break. Some students prefer the lifeguard chair while others may opt for the fast food scene. Senior, Mackenzie Baldwin works in the classroom.

As a teacher’s aid at Windsor Farm Elementary School, Baldwin pursues her passion for working with children. “I am a 90 hour completer,” she said, “so as a graduation requirement I had to do a childhood education internship.” She obtained this internship through her 4th grade teacher, who lets her come to elementary school and help out. “I help with paperwork, I grade papers, I put grades in the grade book, and help students when they need help,” she said. Baldwin says her favorite part of the job is helping the kids.

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A main motive behind getting a high school job or internship is to gain experience for the future. And Baldwin discovered what she wanted to do with her future by being a teacher’s aid. “It showed me that I truly want to work with children in my career,” she said.

Taylor Layden, a Broadneck sophomore, works at Chick-Fil-A, and she says that she feels the responsibilities of the job will help her in the future. “I personally feel Chick-Fil-a is such a great organization and has such good core values,” she says. “Those I will also carry with me.”

Another benefit of having a part time job is meeting new people. Layden says that she has made so many new best friends, which makes her enjoy her job so much. “I love the people I work with,” she says. Layden also advises others not to apply where all their friends work. She says, “Take the opportunity to make new friends and connections!” Layden thinks it’s important to genuinely enjoy your first job. If working at Chick-Fil-A appeals to you, this website takes you through your local restaurant’s application process.

While there are many beneficial aspects of having a job, it’s important to assess whether adding another activity to your plate is right for you. Beth Kobliner is an expert and best-selling author of several books addressing young people and finances. She taps in to the conversation about teen jobs in a Huffington Post article: “The more I dug into this question [whether teens should have jobs or not], and analyzed the trade-offs, I truly think that the answer for many kids is that school is their job.” Managing homework, sports, clubs, etc after school hours can be difficult for students, without the addition of another activity.

Junior, Maddy Riser worked at River Bay Roadhouse as a hostess for 8 months until she couldn’t anymore. “I stopped because of sports and school,” she said. While Riser notes that the job was a great experience for the future, it could also be stressful at times.

Having a part time job can be a memorable and beneficial experience if you have time for one. And we all can learn from the wise words of Dr. Seuss, “So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s a great balancing act!”