A Film Genre’s Uprising

Alex Cavaliere

Pacific Rim’s Explosive Sequel

The latest in hollywood monster movies, and the second in its franchise, Pacific Rim Uprising has hit theatres. The idea of giant robots fighting giant monsters isn’t something new. “Mecha” anime and shows have been popular in Japan since the 1950’s, and tales of giant monsters have been around for as long as stories have been told. Despite this, few movies have tried to bring giant robots versus giant monsters to the American big screen until Pacific Rim’s launch in 2013, and now Pacific Rim: Uprising brings more of the same.

Pacific Rim: Uprising follows the formulas of a classic hero, who doesn’t believe in himself but finds his courage, and a traumatised young woman working to move on from her past, all while they’re trying to save the world from destruction. Similar to the first movie, they team up with a quirky crew to have some fights, have some laughs, get into trouble, and, of course, fight giant alien monsters. Overall, it doesnt rate too highly on writing because it’s just not that original, and, as a result, the whole movie was rather predictable. If you’ve seen basically any action blockbuster, then you know how this one is going to go. At times it was a little slow, leaving the audience with a feeling of just get on to the action. That said, it follows a classic action plot formula for a reason. It’s predictable, but it has enough likeable characters and heartfelt speeches to get the audience to care about the heroes and their struggles. If you were to ask someone about the movie, they’d probably say, “Eh, it’s alright, but the fight scenes were cool!”

What the film lacks in writing is made up for in the effects. With a budget of about $176 million dollars, a good portion of that money was put into making the action scenes. The fight choreography was well done and got the audience pumping. The heavy blows, the bright lasers, and the shattering skyscrapers were everything you could want out of a giant robot-monster battle. The fight scenes were fast and dynamic, and the pure destruction was a sight to behold. If you want monster movie destruction with today’s graphics, you will find no better example.

The plot isn’t the main focus of the movie. There are a few twists and turns, and it really isn’t that bad, but the focus was obviously put on stunning and exciting graphics and special effects to make the most exciting and cool action scenes possible, and in that regard they get an A+.

Overall, if you’re looking for some amazing story of the year, you won’t find it here, but if you’re looking for a good classic hero story with awesome robot fights, then you’ll probably enjoy Pacific Rim: Uprising.