College Fair

by Colin Bright, junior

This Wednesday, on October 23rd from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Broadneck gym and auxiliary gym, Broadneck will hold  its annual college fair. 

Students at Broadneck High School are fortunate to have a multitude of college and career resources at their fingertips throughout the school year. One of the most beneficial is the college fair. The fair is a great opportunity for students and is not something other nearby high schools  have for their students. 

With over 175 colleges attending, there is a good chance students can learn about their  top choices, or if not, can get great insight into other schools they may not have realized could be good fits. 

The fair is also not only for juniors and seniors; all grades are encouraged to attend, even just for casual browsing. Underclassmen can start the search for the right fit early, which can help reduce stress in the future. 

I went my Freshman and Sophomore year, and found it to be an eye opening experience learning about all of the options for college, and it really helped me feel better now that I have started touring colleges.

One of the largest benefits the college fair provides is student get a chance to meet the representatives colleges send to directly answer questions. This also allows students to build an early relationship through emails with a representative from their top college, helping them stand out. 

Colleges that don’t send a representative will often have an alumni come to answer questions about student life as well as hand out pamphlets along with other cool school-branded swag. These alumni helpers are extremely friendly and can provide unique insight about campus culture. 

For parents, there is a meeting starting at 6:45 in the auditorium that will discuss financial aid and FAFSA. There will also be representatives from AACPS at the college fair to distribute scholarship information. 

For students focused on serving our country, military academies will be in attendance.

A new addition this year is a selfie wall for students to pose in front of and cool props for them to use in pictures with their friends who are also attending. This is a great way to update your social media accounts as well as use the themed snapchat filter that will be at the college fair.  


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