There’s More to Ms. Sinclitico

-Dakota Leitch, ’21


Most of us know Ms. Sinclitico. If you don’t, you’ve definitely seen her. She’s an English and journalism teacher who’s guaranteed to give you a smile when you see her in the hallway. Ms. Sinclitico clearly cares for all of her students: she’s hung up artwork her students have made over the years on the walls of her classroom. Ms. Sinclitico’s room also has pictures of her and her children hung up;  there’s not a single image where she isn’t smiling. Ms. Sinclitico is over all one of the happiest teachers here at Broadneck, but let’s find out more about her life inside and outside of school. 

So how long have you been with Broadneck? Did you work anywhere before here?

I’ve been here for four years, and I’ve always been a teacher. But I worked at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and North County High after that 

What’s your favorite part about this job?

The students. I like how everyday is different with them, and getting to know the students and their personalities is fun.

Do you enjoy seeing the students grow into adults as they get into higher grades?

Yeah, I think its fun. I teach 9th grade English then AP lang. I enjoy seeing how much they’ve matured between the years of being in my class. 

What would you want to do if you weren’t a teacher?

I’d want to be a writer. 

How much time do you spend on school related things outside of school on average?

Honestly? Only one or two hours a month. I try to keep work and home separate.  

What fun things do you like to do outside of school?

Well, I love going out to eat with friends, and I’m currently binge watching Jane the Virgin. I really like listening to 90s rap, and I do photography on the side. Oh! and yoga.

What do your kids think about you being a teacher?

My son is aware of it since he’s older, but I think he likes it because he really likes school. But he knows having a mom as a teacher bumps up him having to do all his work, especially reading.  

Will you teach your kids (in a classroom setting) when they’re in high school? Would you have them call you mom or Ms. Sinclitico?

I hope to be able to teach where they go as they get older. And they’d call me mom; it’s not like its a secret that I’m their mom. Students figure out everything. 

What do you wish to do after you retire? Why?

I don’t know, I’m a busy body, so I can’t really imagine myself retiring. I hope to have grand kids when I’m old, so cuddling with them and spoiling them sounds nice. Maybe travel if I’d be able to. I’d also love to be one of those ladies who lunches, like “What’re your plans today?” “Oh just going to lunch””

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