Set sail for Donnelly’s Dockside: It will Shorely be Worth your While

-Miranda Dameron ’23

Did you know that Maryland is known as the seafood capital of the world?

Because of this, when you travel to Maryland you carry high expectations when you visit a seafood restaurant. You expect the crabs to be cooked to perfection with a beautiful, bright red shell, the shrimp to be curled into a nice “C” shape, and the oysters to be well steamed.

With all your expectations, wouldn’t it also be nice to be accompanied by a warm fire and a beautiful ambiance overlooking the water?

The good news is that you can enjoy all of that by heading down Deep Creek Avenue in Arnold, Maryland and stopping at Donnelly’s Dockside. 

In 2017, Dan Donnelly became the new owner of the Deep Creek Restaurant and Marina and completely redid the building. With a new interior and a new menu, people who had enjoyed the Deep Creek Restaurant were also pleased with the improved Donnelly’s Dockside. 

While the location may be tricky to find at first, due to it being tucked away in a neighborhood, the commute is definitely worth it.

We started off our lunch with a crab dip, which I believe should be nominated for an award. The bread was freshly baked, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dip was creamy and well-seasoned. The bread and the dip complimented each other, and if the waiter would have brought out another platter, I would have eaten it all. 


I was also lucky enough to taste one of their specialty dishes, The Dockside Crab Cake, and was blown away by the amount of flavor that was in just one bite. It was a well-seasoned  crab cake filled with large chunks of crab meat. When placed on the brioche bread, it was transformed into a delightful sandwich. It was very filling; however, it didn’t leave me feeling overly full. 


The service was also top notch. Our waiter was accommodating and kept our drinks filled. He promptly cleaned and brought out the dishes. He also quickly brought out the check once we were finished. He was polite and asked questions based on our preferences. For example, he asked if I would like lemon in my water. I don’t particularly like lemon, so I was pleased when he asked this.

Overall, This restaurant shorely blew me away. I would definitely recommend Donnelly’s Dockside to anyone who is in the Arnold/Annapolis area or just craving some delicious seafood. I would also strongly suggest coming here if you are a huge fan of seafood, since that is what their menu mostly consists of. However, there are still salads and burgers for those who don’t particularly enjoy crab or shrimp.

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