Elizabeth Stride

By Samantha Waters

Elizabeth Stride

Elizabeth Stride, who is better known as Lizzie Arlington, was the first woman to play for a professional men’s baseball team. Growing up in Pennsylvania, she was the youngest of six children and grew up playing baseball with her dad and brothers. In June of 1891, at the age of thirteen, she started her official baseball career on the Mahanoy city baseball team as a pitcher. In 1898 President Edward G. Howard of the Atlantic league negotiated with Lizzie and she ended up signing a contract with a minor league team. This agreement made Lizzy the first woman in minor league baseball in a time where women partaking in sports was taboo. During her career she had her baseball debut, pitching against the Philadelphia Nationals and striking out many batters and leading her team to victory. Later in that same year she was officially the first woman to play for a professional men’s baseball team inspiring many generations to follow their dreams and do something that has never been done before.

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