Elizabeth Warren

By Riley Mumaw

Elizabeth Warren, a US senator and an Avid Democrat is one of the most moral driven women in Politics. Warren was born on June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma city. Her family struggled with money after Warren’s father passed away from a heart attack. At the age of sixteen, Warren received a debate scholarship from George Washington University, though she graduated from University of Houston with a Speech pathology degree. Soon after, she became involved with Congressional Committees, testifying financial matters affecting Americans. Warren’s inspiring views led her to become an author of over 50 books. Warren became the first special advisor under Obama. Her goal now is fighting to end Washington’s corruption and making our government work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful. She is an impressive Senator with many desires including canceling student loan debt, fixing the broken health care system, creating equal opportunities, raising wages, and protection of our community.




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