Spotlight: Mr. Olsen

By Hannah Waters

From owning his own carpentry business to becoming a Broadneck High school teacher.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Olsen is the school’s technology and engineering teacher.  The second you walk into his room you would know this. His room is full of computers on one half and the other is full of tables and tools. Just walking into his room you would see how passionate he is about what he teaches. 

Before his teaching he owned his own carpentry business. His carpentry business was in Pennsylvania. He decided after having this business that he wanted to become a technology teacher, which is what he did. 

Throughout my interview with Mr. Olsen I learned that he earned his degree from California University of Pennsylvania. He chose this college because this was one of the only colleges in his state of Pennsylvania that had technology education, which he knew he wanted to major in. During his time in college, he said that his favorite class he ever took was TEB436- Research and design, where he had to design his own project topic. He said he enjoyed this class the most because he enjoyed the ability to create his own project. 

Mr. Olsen began teaching 10 years ago, joining the Broadneck teaching faculty 6 years ago. Originally, he did not want to teach high school, he believed that he wanted to teach middle school. His mind was changed when he interviewed for Broadneck. During his interview, he felt that Broadneck gave him a great opportunity and the school stood out to him with all the possibilities it gave him. 

While talking to Mr. Olsen I learned that his favorite hobbies outside of school is his love for soccer. Simply walking into his room this is clear, as he flies flags of his favorite soccer teams. He enjoys coaching his children’s teams, watching his favorite countries’ teams, and playing the game as well. He also added that his favorite word was “defenestration” meaning  the action of throwing someone out a window.

While talking to Mr. Olsen throughout my years at Broadneck, I have seen how passionate Mr. Olsen is about teaching the subjects he loves. I have firsthand experience through seeing how much he wants every student to succeed and how lucky we are to have him here at Broadneck! 


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