Behind The Scenes Of The Broadneck Film Club

By Anna Schneider

Are you interested in film? Do you like growing your skills as a filmmaker? Join the film club! It’s a fun, creative environment where you can learn about filmmaking and meet other people interested in film. The club films, edits and produces the announcements every week.

The film club is led by Mr. Stimely, the film teacher at Broadneck. He has been running the club since it began in 2003 as an after school movie-watching club. In 2016, the film club started creating the announcements every week. “[The film club] gives creative kids a chance to make films with a purpose,” said Mr. Stimely, “[it helps them] get ready to move onto the next level [of filmmaking].”

Juda Goldstein is a member of the film club. His short film Hunter won a category in the 2022 Broadneck High School Film Festival. He said he likes the film club because he loves filmmaking and growing his filmmaking skills. Goldstein also likes making the announcements every week. “[The film club is a] fun group of people who like to make films and talk about films,” said Goldstein.

Caroline Pappas is another member of the film club. Her dad was on the announcements when he went to Broadneck High School as part of the Class of 1986. Pappas also works on the announcements but said she prefers working behind the camera. She often has to film and edit featured segments for the announcements. Her favorite part of the film club is getting to interview people for the announcements, Mr. Stimely and meeting other students interested in film. She said that the club is a “very creative and welcoming environment.”

If you are interested in film, filmmaking, and meeting other people that like film, join the Broadneck film club for the 2022-2023 school year!


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