Gardening Club at BHS

By Kaylee Chick and Riley Mumaw

Gardening club has been flourishing this year with many improvements to the courtyard. According to Lourissa Honarvar, the gardening club began during virtual learning with only three people. Lourissa joined because she had an interest in plants. “I had a lot of succulents in my room and we talked about that, then I got kind of hooked and was like planting stuff. When you watch them grow it’s really rewarding and then I just kind of started realizing that gardening can be good for your mental health and everything like that.”

Gardening club meets on Fridays during gray block in Mrs. A. Davis’s room C212. According to Lourissa, when gardening club meets they “meet inside half of the time and then in the greenhouse the other half of the time and we plant seedlings and we plant the raised-beds that are in the courtyard.” Lourissa also shared that they currently have “a bunch of seedlings in Ms. Davis’s room.” The club does all things involving the environment, but mostly “planting things” as Lourissa said. 

After asking Lourissa if she had any goals for herself within the club she stated that she joined this club because it “wasn’t academic related” and it allowed her to take a break during the school day and “decompress after the week.” She said that it keeps her “eyes on other things and other than school.” But after asking if the club as a whole had a goal Lourissa let us in on the gardening club’s goal. Lourissa stated that their goal “is just to kind of help people realize how good gardening can be for you and the environment…make the school more beautiful by plating stuff everywhere and make an environmentally friendly impact in the school.” Lourissa let us know that “even if a bunch of stuff dies it’s still fun to garden.”

Lourissa said that one of her favorite things that the gardening club has done were the raised-beds. The raised-beds were planted last year and Lourissa shared the experience with us; “we planted a bunch of tomatoes and herbs. I took a tomato branch home and it made a whole tomato plant out of it.” Lourissa stated that she also really enjoyed planting tulip bulbs “when it got warm out in the courtyard there were a ton of flowers and it was really pretty.”

Gardening club is an amazing club to join if you are looking for a break during your school day or to decompress after a long week. Gardening club is all about making our school and our environment healthier and more of a green space. Gardening club provides members with hands-on experiences in planting flowers and food. This club has made our school a more beautiful place and more eco-friendly. The next time you think about getting into gardening, be sure to pay a visit to Ms. Davis’s room and meet the many members of the club to get a closer look into their club and whether you would want to join.


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