Event Review: Broadneck Film Festival 2023

By Julia Bates

Do you like film and making movies? Are you perhaps taking a media production class with Mr. Stimely? Then it’s time to start thinking about the Annual Broadneck Film Festival!

The Annual Broadneck Film Festival is an action-packed, county wide event with two categories for film submissions: general short films and environmental short films. The event will be sponsored by the environmental company ClearSharkH2O.

Students from all the middle and high schools in the county can submit their short cinematic masterpieces. This year it will be hosted in the Broadneck High School Auditorium at 6 pm, March 27th. More information will go live on the Film Festival website on December 5th, 2022.

Yes, it may be a bit far away right now, but making a good movie could take a bit of time. Writing the script, filming/animating the movie, editing it and submitting the film are all steps one needs to take to complete this task. Now don’t worry, films that are submitted don’t have to have Oscar-winning editing, professional acting or complex story lines. They are simple with a core message or story and are 3-5 minutes long. The film festival is all for fun. With as much participation as possible, it could become an even bigger event this year.

The categories for middle and high school environmental winners will be: Best Environmental Film, Best Environmental Advocacy Film, Best Environmental Documentary, and Environmental Honorable Mention. The judging for general film submission will include: Best Overall Film, Artistic Merit, Technical Merit, and Honorable Mention. There will also be cash prizes for each winner.

In the next couple of days, AACPS will have the winning films from last year shown on live TV. If you have any questions, see Mr. Stimely or Ms. Roth. The film festival was a great event in 2022 and it will be again in 2023. We hope to have as much participation as possible, so get your cameras ready. See you in March!

The Broadneck Film Website: https://sites.google.com/aacps.org/broadneckfilmfestival/home

Clear Shark H20: https://www.clearsharkh2o.org/


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