Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico Tie the Knot

By Charlotte Pfabe

In late October of 2022, Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico from the 2020 Miss Grand International Competition tied the knot at a city courthouse in San Juan Puerto Rico. Mariana Valera (Miss Argentina) and Fabiola Valentín (Miss Puerto Rico) met at the Miss Grand International Competition in Thailand where they competed together in the pageant.

Both women made it to the top ten, but they won something that couldn’t compare to a crown: each other.
After meeting, the pair started dating while keeping their relationship a secret. While sharing some posts on social media together over the years, some fans speculated that they were together, though they never publicly announced their relationship until sharing their marriage on October 29th. Posting a video montage of moments throughout their relationship, the couple included a video of their proposal in which balloons were set up to spell out “Marry Me?”.

The comments under the marriage announcement were flooded with congratulations and supportive messages for the couple. Many of their “sisters” from the Miss Grand International Competition also shared in the couple’s excitement and the competition itself commented their congratulations as well.

The marriage of the couple came just days prior to the ruling that trans-women can be banned from pageants in the case of Green v. Miss United States of America on November 2. In addition, gay marriage became legal in the US and Puerto Rico in only 2015, 2010 in Argentina, and still remains illegal in many other places in Latin America. By the organization where they met, reaching out to the couple and congratulating them, we can see progress within the pageant community.

The couple has yet to comment much about their relationship and journey before tying the knot, however you can continue to follow them @marianajvalera and @fabiolavalentinpr on Instagram.


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