Budgeting for the Holidays

By Elizabeth Hovey

The holidays are a very expensive time for people. Although it doesn’t have to be a 500 dollar endeavor, I spoke to a few BHS students and consulted my own experience with buying gifts to come up with some ideas on budgeting. 

One student does not have her own source of income but has money saved up. She wants to spend 100$ in all for her holiday shopping. She plans to shop online, claiming it is cheaper than in store. According to “The Balance Money” it is cheaper to shop online because “online retailers may have fewer overhead costs.” Shopping online is cheaper than in store but, if you really want to save money, thrift stores are always a good place to start. While they are limited for holiday shopping because usually they only have clothing, shoes, bags and sometimes jewelry and/or sunglasses. It’s a great way to save money though because everything is on sale! Sometimes you can even sell your own clothing for extra cash for the holidays. 

Holiday sales are a great way to save money too. Just with a quick search on Target’s website, I found all their clearance and sale items. Lots of places have sales in December for the holidays, but there are other options like 5 Below which typically have items for five dollars or less. The store has everything from stuffed animals, socks and other cozy options like blankets, pajama pants, etc. 

Being on a budget for the holidays:


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